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Aluminum Sulfate: Product composed of inorganic coagulants based on aluminum salts, specially developed for the treatment of water and industrial effluents and for the manufacturing process in several industries.

Aluminum sulfate has proven coagulation and flocculation efficiency and wide experience in the use of water and industrial effluents. It is especially recommended for small and medium sized ETAs and ETEs that do not have a liquid product storage structure. It is extremely efficient in the removal of suspended solids and has good performance in the removal of metals, phosphorus and DBO/DQO. It also has great performance in the Textile Industry as a binder agent in dyeing, in the cement industry as an additive, in the tanning industry in the tanning process and the chemical industry as a raw material for obtaining aluminum salts. It is used efficiently in the clarification of oils and fats and in sugar mills as a purifier of sugar cane molasses.

It is elaborated through high quality Aluminum Hydrate, being perfect for applications that demand an Iron Insect product.
It has 3 years of validity maintaining stability and facilitating the control of safety stocks.

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