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About Us

About us

For over 14 years taking care
Sustainable Development

BMA Ambiental Ltda is a Brazilian company, which was born in 2006 in the city of Santa Luzia-MG, located in the region of the great BH and near the Confins International Airport.

Santa Luzia, a city that is part of the Iron Quadrangle, a region that produces 60% of the national iron ore, is a historical city that presents a remarkable religiosity, whose own name comes from a homage to the saint protector of the eyes. Its baroque style houses and churches date from the 18th and 19th centuries and beautify the historical center of our city.

BMA Ambiental is a company that is concerned with sustainable development and anthropic interference from the exploitation of natural resources. With this approach, we are today a market reference when it comes to dust suppression – Dust control, in iron ore transportation. Our line of dust suppressors is composed of products that provide an excellent cost x benefit ratio, are specific for each type of application and easily biodegradable. In addition to dust suppression, i.e., the elimination or reduction of particulate emissions, in the most varied activities, the use of our products promotes savings of at least 30% of water in the same process. Today we are talking about some of the most important assets on the planet, whose indiscriminate use can often cause their scarcity or even lack.

Our main objective is to minimize as much as possible the environmental impacts generated by various activities in mining, steelmaking, civil construction, the pulp and paper industry, food industry, condominiums, restaurants and other activities and ventures that require management of environmental processes in their various forms, water and wastewater treatment, water reuse projects, dust suppression and bioremediation of soil and effluents.

Our differential is to offer the customer a customized, innovative, and eco-sustainable solution, through the supply of strategic products and services, perfect for the preservation of the Environment and the mitigation of environmental impacts, that is, naturally effective solutions. This differential starts from our first contact with the client; our employees are technical, highly qualified, and able to understand the client’s need and therefore present the best technical and commercial solution.


Provide increasingly eco-sustainable products based on safe and effective processes, ensuring their quality with technical excellence, respecting and valuing customers, the environment and employees.


Become the world leader in the dust suppressor market by 2026.


✓ Ethics and honesty;
✓ Honor your commitments;
✓ Respect stakeholders and the environment;
✓ Follow standards and legislation;
✓ Valuing people.

About the Company

BMA Ambiental Policies


Promote sustainable development, protecting the environment by preventing pollution, minimizing environmental impacts to make them compatible with the preservation of the conditions necessary for life;
Promote the recycling of materials and the reuse of water from the production process, contributing to the reduction of environmental impacts through the rational use of natural resources;
Comply with current environmental legislation and applicable to its activities.



Treat matters related to Health, Safety at Work with seriousness and priority, promoting continuous improvement through monitoring and performance control;
Act preventively seeking to neutralize or eliminate dangers and risks of illnesses and injuries;
Comply with current legislation on Health and Safety at work and make employees and service providers aware that all work must be planned and carried out considering the safety of everyone involved.



BMA, aware of Law nº 12.846/2013, undertakes to refuse any situations of bribery towards other interested parties that may violate such rules.
BMA employees are not allowed to carry out any activity to obtain undue advantage or benefits, nor to submit to such practices.
BMA has a relationship of integrity with all employees to generate an honest environment so that everyone complies with the legal standards, rules, and guidelines imposed by the company based on the definition of Compliance.
All employees must follow the rules and guidelines imposed by BMA to maintain the industrial secrecy of products, as well as customer information, among others in the business sphere.



BMA adopts a credit policy to provide credit to the customer based on the verification of their payment capacity, as well as their risk analysis, which is carried out by the financial sector together with the company’s senior management.
As a billing policy, BMA aims to minimize default by our customers, based on systematic and effective billing.



Serving customers efficiently and respectfully;
Offering products and services as they are provided by the company, without promising something that is not feasible for execution, deceiving interested parties;
Honor commitments made in contract with the customer.



Internet-related systems, as well as computing equipment, network accounts that allow access to e-mail and the telephone system – are the property of BMA. They must be used for the exclusive purpose of serving the interests of the company and its customers, in the performance of their business activities.
To ensure the security of information, BMA has a wireless network for internet access, specifically for use by visitors and employees for private purposes, in this case, use is only allowed once they are on their break.
Any, and all information regarding BMA cannot be disclosed without prior knowledge of the senior management, being confidential information and of restricted use, according to the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data, Law nº 13.709/2018.
It is the responsibility of each employee to fulfill the commitments and duties as described in the IT procedure, as well as their rights of use.



Ensures the recognition and protection of the human rights of its partners and employees;
Values compliance with applicable national laws and international treaties relating to human rights, social rights, and labor rights;
Ensures an appropriate, clean, and safe workplace;
Does not approve any type of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, sex/gender, disability, sexual orientation, among others;
Repudiates any attitude related to harassment;
Allows the freedom of expression of its employees, guaranteeing the right to refuse;
Does not allow any form of retaliation;
It is against slave labor, not allowing anyone in its business chain to carry out this practice.



Production, commercialization, and application of dust suppressors meeting our customers’ expectations and applicable requirements, ensuring product quality through quality management and continuous improvement of processes, sustainability, and the improvement of people.



Expand the customer base;
Meet the requirements established by customers;
Improve employees and processes;
Improve and guarantee the quality of products;
Sustainable management.

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