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Our Products

Always in search of innovation, quality and good performance, BMA offers products in favor of the environment, which provide solutions to daily and mainly atypical situations, with success, responsibility, and efficiency.
BMA has a diversity of products in its production line, attending the areas of dust suppression, water and effluent treatment, bioremediation, always in a practical, effective, and easy manner.
Our products are mixtures or solutions, derived from organic, biodegradable and even natural compounds, in its great majority, which provides our products with the quality of being environmentally friendly. Biodegradability and ecotoxicity reports are the tools we have and use as support, among others, in our quality control, which attest this environmental condition.
It is good to remember, that as BMA has technical origin, we speak with a lot of comfort and property of the quality of our products, it always comes first. Quality products, with a good cost and benefit relation, that meet the client’s expectations, associated to a personalized and differentiated service with our client, is what makes BMA’s differential, it is worth checking.
The products that make up our line for dust suppression are Bioaglopar Fluid, Bioaglopar M, Bioaglopar PET, Bioaglopar PETCOLOR GREEN, Bioaglopar RDC GL and Bioaglopar RDC Primer, products manufactured from organic and natural polymers, which promote the formation of a protective resin film under the material in question avoiding wind drag, preventing the emission of particles.
For water and effluent treatment, we have Bioflopam 1100 C, Bioflopam 1104 A, Bioflopam 1160 C, Bioflopam FC, Bioflopam PH, Bioflotan SL, BIOPAC, Aluminum Sulfate, and Biojax biocomposite. These products are formed by balanced solutions or mixtures, which provide the use of small dosages, ensuring an excellent cost x benefit ratio, if compared to conventional products used in treatments.

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