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About the service

How to perform the treatment of a water or an effluent? What is the perfect treatment for the water collected from the well? What is the ideal treatment for the water used in the company’s changing room, in the cafeteria or even in the production process? How to define the best process for the treatment of water or effluent from my work or from my home?

Well, BMA Ambiental has a wide experience in water and effluent treatment, acquired over the years, which allows it to indicate a process or an effective product for your needs.

Always thinking about optimizing processes, with an excellent cost-benefit ratio and sustainable, BMA Ambiental offers differentiated products, with a high degree of specificity that allows us to offer an adequate treatment of the most varied waters and effluents, even the most difficult to treat, which we call special.

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    Our line of products for water and effluent treatment is composed of differentiated polymers, which act in a wide range of pH, and carefully balanced solutions, so that we can use small quantities and have great results, if compared to conventional products used in other treatments.

    When it comes to water and effluent treatment, BMA can serve its clients, in their most varied needs, with quality, safety and efficiency. Why? Because BMA has the expertise in water and effluent treatment, acquired in practice, having experienced, in its clients, the operation and maintenance of various operating systems and each with a different particularity.

    Solution in water and effluent treatment, it is with BMA. Personalized service, customized products, practicality, experience, positive results, goals achieved are some of our differentials. What is more, besides making the product available for water and effluent treatment, we operate and monitor your operating system, completing the water and effluent treatment chain, from supply, operation, maintenance, to process monitoring, is what we call a comprehensive service.

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